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Cathedral and colorful houses in Girona Girona, Spain

There are so many ways to travel, and one way isn’t better than any other. It comes down to personal preference. Over the years, I’ve found that I like to move around like I live in my destination city. Sure some comfort has to go into it, but I’ve had some of my best experiences traveling this way. Even though you’re just visiting, you can still do things that help you get a real sense of what life is like in your destination city.

Doing some or all of these tips, depending on your comfort level, can help you get a different experience from your trip.

Before you go

Read up on the place

Blogs and Instagram can help you find a lot of information about where you’re going. What do people wear when they’re walking around or going out at night? What do people do during their…

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Try a health or wellness adventure

Beautiful travel photos and vacation ideas

art of being fabulous

Landmannalaugar, Iceland Hiking tour in Landmannalaugar, Iceland

Happy New Year! After the excess of the holiday season, one great idea to consider for your next trip is to do some healthy exploration, especially if all you have time for is a quick trip. It’s also a good way to help you recharge. You can make use of any long weekends you may get through statutory holidays, or by taking a couple of days off of work.  Getting fit while you’re taking a few days off may give you some ideas to take back home with you if you find that you have a hard time fitting fitness into your regular schedule.

These suggestions work if you want to travel alone, or with one or a couple more people, and some you can do in your city, which can save money.

Go on an organized fitness retreat

Kayaker in Rome, Italy

Check out 

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